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The Domino’s Effect or “Thirty Minutes or More” (whichever title you prefer, I like both!)

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I look forward to some scrumptious pizza each Friday as mentioned in some of my previous posts, although unfortunately sometimes I have a bad experience. This is something that I have had numerous times with Domino’s, particularly their location at the corner of Gunn Hwy. and S Mobley Rd, Keystone Crossing, near Ace Hardware in Odessa, Florida. Our order was placed at 7:13pm and we still had not received our delivery over an hour later. I then called the restaurant back at around 8:27pm to cancel our order and was told it has been out for delivery already. I found out later that this was far from the truth and our order had not even left the restaurant until 8:49pm.

We finally received our order at 9:13pm...almost two hours later. Domino’s may have stopped their thirty minutes or less delivery promotion many years ago but it is still a bit ridiculous that our pizza delivery took about two hours to arrive. With their order trackers and supposedly stellar customer service, I was highly disappointed in the overall experience. We were offered a twenty percent-off coupon on our next order in exchange for our troubles. However, I do not plan to use this coupon nor order again due to this most recent order and a long, negative track record with this location.

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