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Pizza Fridays at Marco’s

In my house, Fridays are for pizza and family movie night! The thought of enjoying a hot, perfectly crisped slice smothered in flavorful sauce and cheese has gotten me through many exhausting work days. There is just simply no better way to start your weekend! Marco’s Pizza located on Gunn Highway in Citrus Park in Tampa, Florida is one of my go-to restaurants for my favorite family tradition. This activity is great for some socially distant fun while enjoying some great food. Their menu features a plethora of delicious items, many of which I have tried throughout my many trips to Marco’s. They even provide an option to customize your very own personal pizzas.

Each pizza has a base of Marco’s famous sauce and three cheese blend but the customer selects their own crust style, toppings, and seasoning. Marco’s offers a variety of different toppings; from basics like pepperoni and mushrooms to more creative options like pineapple and peppers. This is a great entree for picky eaters and self-proclaimed foodies alike. I definitely would recommend checking out this spot and getting your very own customized pizza.

Steer clear of Dominoes in Citrus Park. I was not pleased at all with their lack of customer service.


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