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P.S.A.: Hospitality Workers, please, for the love of humanity, stop adjusting your masks ....

5135 Sunset Blvd H, Lexington, SC 29072

P.S.A.: Hospitality Workers, please, for the love of humanity stop adjusting your masks, whilst preparing my food!!!!!

Happened to be in Columbia South Carolina for a wedding set to take place the same weekend as a big USC game. We were hungry …. Hangry …. And all the Restaurants had a long wait.

We ended up settling for Salsaritas … disappointing to say the least. First, if it’s not Chipotle, it’s not gonna be right. Chipotle has set the standard ... big TIME.

As I began to order my chicken burrito, the server (who I believe was also the manager) adjusted his mask (nose and sides) and then touched my tortilla with those same gloves. In my mind, I said “Oh Hell No!” … what came out of my mouth was a simple, “Do you mind changing your gloves? You adjusted your mask and then touched my food.”

Angrily, he proceeded to remove the sullied gloves and then put on another pair while directing another staff person to make me a new burrito. This is not the first time I’ve had to ask a server to change their gloves after adjusting their mask.

Speaking of Chipotle, I have asked on a regular basis for the servers to change their gloves. I’ve done this at Subway and Tropical Smoothie as well. My question … why isn’t the health department making a big deal about this? If they were, servers would not be crossing the line so often. I give this restaurant visit a 1 out of 5. The glove situation brought down the score big time, but the floors were sticky, the plastic ware was in a bay and not individually wrapped so that every customer could literally touch every other customer’s fork and knife, and then the food was not good at all. It lacked flavor. I was too hungry to continue to hunt for food while on our mini vacation so I dealt with it. I won’t be going back to Salsaritas in the future. Not my cup of tea.

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