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Dine into History at Columbia Restaurant

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In December 2019, I took a visit to Florida’s oldest restaurant, Columbia located in Ybor City. This historical restaurant, first established by Cuban immigrants in the 1950s, is also the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. They started out by selling their famous cuban sandwiches, one of their most popular dishes on their menu. I am not at all surprised that they have successfully stayed in operation through the years because this restaurant is amazing. Their service was superb and this family-owned establishment really tries their hardest to make you feel as though you are one of their own. Columbia’s authentic cuisine was equally as excellent as their service. I ordered their pork chop dish and it was absolutely delicious. Some cuban hot bread was also served with our entrees and we devoured every last one. Columbia also has a great wine collection, I highly recommend any of their red wine options.

Columbia’s service and food was just so incredible that I had to visit this gem twice. I visited their location in Clearwater, Florida back in January 2020. Due to covid-19 restrictions, we opted for the restaurant’s outdoor dining option. This experience was slightly different from our visit to the Ybor City location but I adored the waterfront views this time. I ordered the same entree during this visit as well, their pork chop dish served alongside with black beans, white rice, yuca and platanos. This experience was just as wonderful as last time. I cannot wait to return to Columbia again when we can do so safely due to covid-19.


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