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Apparently, The Library is a Great Stop for Brunch with Friends

I was skeptical, but The Library in St. Pete serves up a great brunch! Why the skepticism? Well, for one, this restaurant is attached to a hospital; John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital. As I was considering this reservation, I thought “how good can food be, served up at a hospital?” Well, it was actually very good, folks. I did run into some turbulence when trying to make our reservation, though. I called the restaurant because we had a large party and you can’t book large parties through Open Table. I left several voicemails, and got no call-backs.

Being the determined person I am, I made 2 reservations for the exact same time using Open Table and I added a note in both asking for the reservations to be combined into one. I called a week before our brunch to ensure someone read my reservation notes and made the proper adjustments. The reservationist gave me a hard time, but eventually, she made an update to the reservation. I received the confirmation email. On the date of our brunch, I arrived early just to make sure everything was in order. The hostess let me know that my reservation had not been adjusted as I had asked. She said she had a table that was finishing up and she would seat us there. Thirty-minutes later, we were seated … LATE.

I was not pleased about the difficulties making the reservation. That drama nearly took away from our brunch. Nonetheless, we were finally able to order. I ordered the breakfast burrito with chorizo. A little spicy for my taste, but it was really good. The other ladies seemed to think that their food was just okay. Nothing to get excited about. I will say that the plate presentations were very appealing, the food looked fresh, and everything came out at once (except for a side order of fries).

We had a great time as you can see in the photos. It was an awesome time to connect with the Beautiful Brown Girls of Tampa Bay. Oh …. One more thing, well two. I love the added touch of giving patrons their checks in an actual book. There were hundreds of names signed in my book from previous restaurant visitors. I promptly found a page and signed mine. I do also love that I could scan my receipt and pay for my food right on my phone. Very nice! Overall, I liked it and plan on going back soon.

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