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Amazing Strawberry Mimosa but Dry A** Biscuits!!

Another great brunch for the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club of Tampa Bay!!! These ladies never disappoint. This city is filled to the brim with smart, sophisticated, and interesting women who love to have a great time. This month, we went to Steelbach, a great restaurant located at Armature Works in Tampa. I love the decor. It's a beautiful modern restaurant with brick and steel decor. The noise level was LOUD, but that just means people were having a great time! The service was great. The waiter handled biznezz! The bartender held it down before we were seated as well. I ordered the Southern breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, fried green tomatoes, a biscuit, and bacon. Everything was amazing, but my biscuit was veeeeery drrrrrrry .... I could have chucked the biscuit at my enemy and killed them on the spot. None of the ladies commented on the food so I am not sure if they thought it was a good pick or what. I can say that we enjoyed the company and it was so nice to talk to people during this difficult COVID-19 variant time. I can't wait til the next brunch! All in all ... I would definitely come back to Steelbach. I drank the most divine strawberry mimosa of my life!!! It, literally was the best mimosa I've ever had. I give Steelbach a firm 4 out of 5.

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